Things To Do In Safari World Bangkok

Activities To Do In Safari World Bangkok

If you are in Thailand and Safari World Bangkok is not on your travel itinerary, then you are missing out on one of the best experiences the stunning nation has to offer. Safari World is the ultimate wildlife attraction in Thailand and is among the most popular family-friendly attractions in the country. Home to more than a hundred different species of animals from across the world, Safari World offers an unmatched real-world interaction with the wildest and even some rare members of the animal kingdom. Safari World Bangkok houses its animals in two sections, namely the Safari Park & the Marine Park.

The Safari Park is an enthralling safari tour that brings you close to the most well-known residents of the jungle like lions, giraffes, zebras, tigers, deer, and several more species. Marine Park, on the other hand, combines the land, sea, and air into an indoor space which is home to species belonging to all kinds of habitats. Indulge in never-seen-before live entertainment as you witness the eight shows of Safari World that star some of its most intelligent residents like sea lions, dolphins, elephants, and orangutans which offers visitors the chance to feed and interact with animals like the tall and gentle giraffes.

Explore the Animal Kingdom at Safari World Bangkok

Thailand’s biggest animal experience, the Safari World Bangkok, includes an unmatched jungle safari tour at Safari Park, which is one of the two sections of Safari World. The first stop of your Safari World experience, the jungle safari stretches over a length of eight kilometres and is a 45-minute ride with numerous stops. Hop on a safely-covered bus as you venture into the world of the wild and experience the diversity of the animal kingdom. Meet the most famous wild inhabitants of the animal world like lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, and so on and click memorable pictures as they come up close to you during the bus tour.

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Travel Under the Sea at Marine World

The second section of Safari World Bangkok is the Marine World, an indoor experience which brings to you the best of the land and the sea. The best things to do in Safari World Bangkok can be found in this section, from interacting with aquatic being to witnessing live shows where the animals of Safari World come out to entertain you. Take relaxing walks through the cool zone during the afternoon as you meet exotic species like sea lions and orangutans brought in from across the globe. Remember to visit Egg Island, which has on display the unhatched eggs of various bird species that live at Safari World Bangkok.

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Take The Jungle Cruise River Tour

If you have ever wished to experience gliding on a boat through a small stream in the middle of a tropical forest like in the movies, the Jungle Cruise River Tour is the answer to all your wishes. An unmatched blend of a jungle safari and a boat cruise, the experience takes you on a tour of the deep forests of Asia and Africa, where you get to encounter majestic wild animals. Meet elephants, crocodiles, and gorillas among many other wild residents of Safari World on this thrilling yet fun experience. Designed to carry a small group of people in one ride, the Jungle Cruise River Tour lasts 30 minutes and is one of the most sought-after activities to do in Safari World Bangkok.

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Go For a Jungle Walk

Experience the bewitching adventure of walking through a deep jungle at Jungle Walk, one of the most thrilling things to do in Safari World Bangkok. A simulated forest has been created on the premises of Safari World, where visitors can take a stroll and encounter several species of animals roaming about. Jungle Walk mimics a real-life jungle with its dense green covering and complexity, and one needs to follow the direction signs with care to not get lost on the premises. Take your loved ones along as you navigate the woods and learn about survival in the jungle at Jungle Walk.

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Watch Some Fun Shows

Among the most iconic things to do in Safari World Bangkok is attending the fun shows that are organised at different times during the day. From enjoying the amazing tricks of the playful sea lions at the Sea Lion Show to witnessing a comic boxing match between orangutans at the Orangutan Show, visitors are in for the entertainment of a lifetime. Elephants perform human actions like painting and walking on a tightrope at the Elephant Show, while dolphins show off their cute antics at the Dolphin Show. Experience thrilling action shows that rival Hollywood movies at the Cowboy Stunt Show and Spy War show of Safari World Bangkok.

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Are advance tickets necessary for Safari World Bangkok?

While advance tickets are not mandatory, they are recommended for Safari World Bangkok. advance tickets of Safari World Bangkok ensures that you secure your entry on your preferred date and helps you avoid long queues at the ticket counter.

Can we ride on the elephants at Safari World Bangkok?

One of the popular things to do in Safari World Bangkok is riding on the mighty elephants of the park. The fun experience has additional charges beyond the regular ticket prices and is among the underrated and hidden activities to do in Safari World Bangkok.

How many shows are there in Safari World Bangkok?

Safari World Bangkok hosts eight entertaining shows for visitors. The shows at Safari World Bangkok star the wild residents of the park and are scheduled at different times throughout the week. Among the most interesting things to do in Safari World Bangkok, witness the Sea Lion Show, Orangutan Show, Cowboy Stunt Show, Elephant Show, Dolphin Show, and Spy War and get a sneak peek into the entertaining life of the adorable animals.

What makes Safari World Bangkok so famous?

One of the most popular tourist hotspots of Thailand, Safari World Bangkok is the country’s ultimate wildlife experience. The family-friendly attraction goes beyond what regular wildlife spaces offer, and has a host of activities in store to bring humans closer to the wild. From jungle safaris where you can meet animals from all over the world to live shows where wild residents of Safari World entertain with their antics, the attraction has something to offer for all age groups.

Where is Safari World Bangkok located?

Safari World Bangkok is located at 99 Panya Indra Road, Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand. The iconic park is approximately a 45-minute drive away from central Bangkok.

What is the best time to visit Safari World Bangkok?

The best time to visit Safari World Bangkok is during the early morning hours on weekdays. You can avoid the afternoon sun if you visit early, and the crowds are less on weekdays as compared to weekends and public holidays.

Are we allowed to feed animals inside Safari World Bangkok?

Yes, you are allowed to feed animals at Safari World Bangkok & one of the most famous activities to do in Safari World Bangkok is feeding the tall giraffes. It is a special session organised for visitors, who can feed the tall giants their favourite bananas and leaves.


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