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Shows at Safari World Bangkok

The Safari World Bangkok is one of the many adventurous options for any traveller looking to spend some time in an unconventional open zoo filled which creatures from the sea, land and air. The Safari World is a zoo which possesses a wide variety of terrestrial and marine wildlife complemented on plenty of entertainment shows such as the Spy war, Hollywood stunt, Orangutan Boxing Show and more. It has has two main sections where most of the activities and shows take place. The Safari World Bangkok gives you an experience of a fun filled & naturally stimulating vacation in Bangkok.

Come alive with the exotic creatures in every part of the park and enjoy having a walk in nature with some of the cutest and wildest animals. As you take the safari you will see some amazing creations of nature such as the koalas, giraffes, crocodiles, storks, tigers, lions, rhino, bears, zebras, deer and more. You can even go to the top of the Safari terrace to feed some big giraffes with your own hands for a face to face experience with these natural wonders. And this is just one section of the park. There are many more zones to explore along the way so hop on to have a new experience in adventure.

Dolphin Show

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures in the whole animal kingdom. That is a reputation they have aptly earned through their creative interactions with humans. They are also the most playful among sea creatures which you would experience first hands as you watch them dance in the water on different soundtracks, hop on the queue of their trainers through hula hoops, and much more to explore in the Dolphin show. The trainers are very friendly with them so they know when to catch the ball that the trainers throw or when to dance at the beats. Their performance is all part of the show. Come watch the dolphins effortlessly jump high to kick balls with their tails and roam around in the pool from one corner to the other in complete synchronized performance. It is a once in a lifetime kind of show.

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Spy War

Be a unique witness to the behind the scenes experience of an action movie. The show has a setup made for you to experience all the thrill and action that the main character goes through as they go about stealthily infiltrating the antagonist’s territory to make sure the villain’s plan fails in spectacular fashion. It has all the types of things you see in any action movie. The main lead will flirt with the damsel in distress and raid the villain’s lair in an effortless manner as the plot thickens and draws the spectators in. From taking the zip line to hunt down the antagonist’s floppy security to canoeing their way out, the protagonist is a pro at being the proverbial Action Hero!

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Orangutan Boxing Show

No, it is not actual orangutans boxing each other. Rather it is a boxing match between the trainers and the orangutans. The epic tomfoolery takes place as the orangutans enter the stage for their brilliantly funny introductions. It is a must see show among all the entertaining shows as this is an altogether different level of buffoonery and comedy which you will not find anywhere else in the world. In the show it is more to do with the funny skit elements and boxing is just a plot to fit in the amazing comedy pieces in a beautifully cohesive manner so that they make a great show. A great bang for buck show in the safari world which will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing.

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Sea Lion Show

As promised, after the most intelligent Dolphins, the cutest are the Sea lions that are as playful as it can get. These energetic creatures follow the trainers queue as they play catch, football, and much more in their own cutesy way. It is an amazing amount of fun as the sea lions engage in activities that are sure to bring a smile on each and everyone’s face and add to the joyous environment.

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Bird Show

The bird show has colourful birds from exotic species that will come to you chirping in their gentle voice. Be very friendly because the birds are very confident as they come to check you out and sit on your hands or side for a little snack. You can feed these vibrant creatures with your hands in the open. The show is a great place for bird watchers and wildlife bloggers.

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Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show

This show will have you laughing out loud, quiet literally! The whole setup is a scene from some over the top cowboy movie where you will find all sorts of characters, from the main lead character to the antagonist and the goofy extras in the background to make this a laughter show where comebacks and comic timing are perfect. There are not only funny moments, the show boasts of some of the most exciting special effects more accurate to that era of equipment which bring some bit of realism to the show. In between the show you also see a man entering the show with a horse. Also, if you are sitting close, a guest appearance can be your role in the show. The characters take some people in as the show completes to give a finer comic finish to the show and theme while involving the spectators. So make sure to rush to the front seats to be a part of a western movie

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Know Before You Go Safari World Bangkok

Timings of the show:

  • Orangutan Boxing Show: 10:20 AM

  • Sea Lions Show: 11:00 AM

  • Elephant Show: 11:40 AM

  • Spy war show: 2:50 PM

  • Cowboy Stunt Show: 01:30 PM

  • Bird Show: 03:40 PM

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Visitor's Tips for Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok Rules

Best Time to Visit Safari World Bangkok

How to Get to Safari World Bangkok


What is the best time to visit Safari World Bangkok?

The best time to visit Safari world Bangkok is during the daytime and especially early in the morning. This is the time when the crowd is less, therefore you will be provided with the front row seats as well as first-hand experiences.

Is it essential to book advance tickets of Safari World Bangkok?

Yes, it is recommended to book advance tickets for Safari World Bangkok to ensure entry and avoid any potential waiting time or disappointment.

How long does the Dolphin Show last?

The Dolphin Show is approximately fifty minute long. The shows are approximately an hour long.

Are we allowed to feed animals inside Safari World Bangkok?

There are some rules to feeding the animals in Safari World. You cannot bring anything to feed the creatures from outside the park. Whatever you want to feed them has to be bought from inside the premises and with the trainer’s permission, you can feed them in the park.

What makes Safari World Bangkok so famous?

The Safari world Bangkok tickets let you experience a close interactive session with various rare species of wildlife, aquatic animals as well as birds in a protected environment. From fun activities to thrilling adventures, this place is loaded with numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences like feeding tiger cubs and watching dolphin shows.

Can we ride on elephants inside Safari World Bangkok?

The Safari Worlds let you ride the elephants with some trainers to guide and navigate the gigantic elephant through their way.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Safari World Bangkok?

No, there are no outside eatables allowed inside Safari World for a better experience in the zoo and park.


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